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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Longtermer 5:Hyundai i10 1.25 CVVT - 44th month Vol.7

In this blog entry, I'm updating my Ownership experience of my 2012 Registered March 2013 Hyundai i10 1.25 CVVT.  This is the 44th month I owned the car.

 This is a Solid car with decent soundproofing, Great Ride and handling and high speed stability.  Test drive to agree with me.  There's a reason behind...

Apparently the i10's Engineered, designed and tuned in India.  This is to meet Indians requirements.  This explained the Robustness of the chassis and suspension.  Built to take on Indian Roads...  If the i10 can survive Indian Roads, then Malaysian road conditions are piece of cake.  

Note that our i10s are CKD, but the CKD pack Came from INDIA.  The i10's only produced in 3 countries and NONE are Korea.  It's Kulim, Malaysia, Chennai India and Mexico.

First update, The i10 experienced Engine mounting failure symptoms since July Last year.  But back then, my colleague who borrowed my car just said "Car leg got problem".  So I changed 2 New tyres.  But last month, the same colleague who borrowed my car finally spilled the beans.  He said my Engine mounting K.O. already.  I sent the car to Hyundai Service to claim Engine mounting warranty.  The Service Advisor Joey, said 3 years OR 60,000km warranty for engine mounting only.  But since my current Mileage 44,000km, she said can try submit.

After 1 week, Warranty claim rejected as car's 43th month already.   I was told to prepare RM646 to change 2 mountings, (RM766 including labour).  A check with Hyundai Spare part stockist in Jln Segambut revealed RM550 for 1 set (3 mountings) only.  But Service centre at least gave assurance of 6 months warranty...

I shall sent the I10 for "65,000km service", in reality 45,000km only as it's calculated by months.  Like my previous 2 service, I shall use Fully Synthetic Shell Helix Ultra, thus stretching service intervals to 6 months OR 10,000km.  Note to ALL Hyundai Owners, Hyundai Sime Darby is not as strict as Peugeot, VW OR Kia.  They allow 1 month OR 1,000km +/- tolerance level.  

2nd update: Door Visors.  RM90 only including workmanship.

Fuel Consumption pretty much the same as 4 months ago.  Averaged 11.8km/l.

Well, There's a saying a picture's worth 1000 words.  Here are some photos:

 Above and below: the Vinyl Wrap served it's purpose.  Withstand Bobby, my Golden Retriever Scratch.

 Above: Front Roadstone Tyres after 15 months and 27,000kms.
 Above: Front right, below: Front Left.

 Above: OEM Original Goodyear NCT5 dated 0512.  2012 tyres.  Thread appeared a lot but at close up, shows signs of Harden and cracking.  Above: Rear Left
 Above: Rear Right Goodyear NCT5 tyres.

 Above: 225 litres boot space fully utilized.

Without further ado, let's proceed to Logbook:

Mileage upon delivery: 0057km

Mileage last update: 38,388km (29 July 2016)

 Mileage today: 44,478km (25 November 2016)

  Mileage done past 4 months: 6090km

Average mileage per month: 1522km

Average mileage per day: 51km

OVERALL Average mileage per month: 1011km
OVERALL Mileage per day: 33.7km.

Purchase price: RM45,500 (cause Year Make 2012 registered 2013 March)

Current value: RM23,000.

Interest rate: 2.96% (PBB) for 48 months loan @ 25,000.

 Monthly RM582.


 BEST: 14.7km/l . RM60 =  430km.

 WORST: 9.3km/l.  RM60 = 316km. 100% CITY.



1) Door visors RM90.

2) Petrol and Toll only...  Coming up in 3 days time, 65,000km service and possible Engine mounting and 2 tyres Change.  

End of Longtermer Update.  That's all folks, thanks for having the time and patience to read this blog entry.  An Original Jefferson Lim's production.  Copy like a man, don't plagiarise.

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