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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The New Full Hybrid Hyundai Ioniq will be was launched Today at 1 Utama at 3:30pm.  The Ioniq is CKD SKD in Kulim, Kedah, hence qualified for the EEV Status. Updated 4:30pm: It's Price to sell at RM100,328 for HEV Std and RM110,828 for HEV Plus OTR Without insurance.
BELOW: "DRIVING DEVICE".  The Tagline revealed for the New Ioniq Hybrid.

The Ioniq's coming in 2 Variants.  HEV and HEV Plus.

Introduction: HEV stands for Hybrid Electric Vehicle.  It's FULL HYBRID powered by a Combination of Atkinson 1.6 Kappa GDI Engine with 105ps and 147Nm torque and 43.5ps and 170Nm Electric Motor (Dual Power source).  Combined Output 141ps and 265Nm torque.  It can run on Water cooled Inverter Motor (EV) up to 120km/h.

How the Hybrid Works: See diagram below:

The Ioniq's based on New Elantra AD platform including 2700mm wheelbase.  But the similarity ends here.  This is a Dedicated Hybrid Aerodynamic body designed to Compete with Prius 4 Hybrid.

Updated (6pm): Launch Photos: (Screengrabs from LiveStream.


1) FUN TO DRIVE yet Save Fuel:
It boast's 2 World's 1st in HEV Segment.  Multi-link suspension and 6-speed DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission).

2) HOMEWORK DONE: By Studying Toyota Prius Hybrid as benchmark.  Top Engine Thermal efficiency at 40% (25% Competitor) and EV motor powered by Compact Li-ion Polymer battery (like Tesla). (Ni-MH Competitor) Water Cooled HSG Inverter Motor (Air cooled Competitor).  488 VDA litres expandable to 750 litres after 60:40 Split fold rear seats.  Boot space achieved by Placing the battery under the Rear Seat.

3) AERODYNAMICS: The Ioniq boasts Cd.0.24 thanks to:
- Active Aero 3 stage Front Grille Shutter
- Wheel Air curtain
- Flat Fiber Underbody Cover
- Aero 17" Sport Rims
- Rear Spoiler
- Sleek Fastback Profile.

- Dual Zone Air Cond with Unique "Driver Only" and IONIZER.
- QI Wireless Charging slot (HEV Plus only)
- Bi-Xenon LED Headlights and LED Tailights (HEV Plus Only)
- 7" Dual Boot OEM and Android OS with Papago NAVI and Reverse Camera (HEV+)
(Not available this batch.  For future batches)
- Leather Seats with Blue stitching (HEV Plus only), OEM Fabric Seats for HEV Std.

5) ADVANCED SAFETY: This is achieved thanks to:
53.5% AHSS (Advance High Steel Strength) vs Prius 16%
- widely used at passenger compartment structure, minimize cabin deformation
- Hot Stamping on B-pillars (heat up to 900 deg Celsuis before stamping)
- Adhesive technology (eg. Aluminium + AHSS)
- 7 Airbags on BOTH Variants
- VSM - Vehicle Stability Management Across the Range

The following features are for HEV Plus only:
SCC (Smart Cruise Control) - Operates from 40km/h to 180km/h.  Controls your Speed, Acceleration and Distance.  (Below 2 slides were Screenshot from HSDM Training Slides)
BSD - Blind Spot Detection
LDWS and LKAS - Lane Departure Warning System and Lane Keeping Assist System.

Note the AEB Can detect Pedestrian too...  Up to 70km/h or below 80km/h.


There are 7 colours to choose from, What's your colour?
Images below are REAL Life Photo Sample taken at Test Drive Event.

A) Rear C Pillar



End of Colour Palettes...  Without further ado Let's Proceed to Youtube Playlists:

Stay tuned for more Updates...  To be completed by 2 December 2016.

Updated 7:45pm: LIVE SHOWROOM Photos:

 Above: ESSENTIAL Underrated Safety Feature.  Passanger Front Seat Airbag Off Switch.  Can put your Child seat in Front.

 Don't worry, you are Not missing much.  These missing buttons are Front and Rear Seats Ventilation and Heaters.
 Above: First in Class.  Selfish, "Driver Only" Air-cond Saving option.  Below, Decent sized Glovebox.

 Above: Boot Space Expanded up to 750 Litres with Rear seats folded down.
 Above: Rear Air Cond Vents.

FOLLOWING Photos are taken in One Utama (1U) Roadshow at 4 December 2016.

Start of HEV Std spec. RM100,383 OTR Without insurance.

 Above: Note the Projector Halogen Headlights, Without LED Light guide, Black grille and Normal Logo.

 Above: HEV Std comes with CD Player. Below: Passive Cruise Control.

Above and Below: Glossy Black Grille (NOT Chrome) and Normal Logo.

 No Camera found here and No Rain Sensor also for HEV Std...
 Above and Below: HEV Std gets a Donut Spare tyre and 2nd layer extra boot space.

Above: NO Welcome light and Puddle lamp for HEV Std.
 Above Old school Supervision Cluster.  NO LCD here.
 Above: Note the High quality Fabric seats.

Above: REAR Bulb Tailights (NOT LED) for HEV Standard.

Above: Common Antenna Features for both.  


Start of Mechanicals:

 Above: Space Saving 1.56kWh capacity Li-ion Polymer battery located under the Rear seat in front of 45 litres Fuel tank.  Battery Supplied by LG, same Supplier for BMW X5 hybrid.

 Above: 6 speed Dual Clutch Transmission.
Above: Like Prius Hybrid, the Ioniq have Water-Cooled "Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)".   This Motor produces 43.5ps and 170Nm torque.

 Above And Below: Michelin Primacy 3, Made in Germany Tyres.  Threadwear 240, Temperature A, Traction A.

END OF Mechanicals. 

START OF HEV Plus.  RM110,828 OTR without insurance.

 Above: Chassis No. Shows Car from Ulsan Plant.  So I guess it's SKD.

 Above and Below.  HEV+ Grille and Below: HEV Std grille.

 Above and Below: AEB Test.

 Above: RCTA and BLIS Test.
Above and below: Test drive Session with Father and Daughter customers.
 Above and Below: Test drive session.
 Above: Test drive route.

 Above and Below: Close up of Ioniq HEV Std Fabric seats.

END OF 1 Utama Shots...
Lastly, my parting shots... 

If you want to buy this car, Look for Jefferson Lim at 012-6852-718.  Test drive by appointment only.

This is 90% Original Jefferson Lim's Production.  Other than the Launch Video screengrab from, HSDM Training Material Screenshots.  But, ALL IONIQ Showroom Photos  and Live Color choices Shots are my Originals.  Taken using Panasonic Lumix TZ40.  Copy like a Man, Please state Source or reference, Don't Plagiarize.  


  1. Hi bro, based on your opinion which colour are most suit with the design?

  2. 1) Aurora Silver (matches the blue lower bumper trim)
    2) White (looks larger)
    3) Iron Grey (matches the rims)

    1. Thanks for the feedback bro!